Mobile customs teams discovered and seized 27 000 liters of illegal diesel fuel in Haskovo Region


27 000 liters of illegal diesel fuel was seized by mobile customs teams in three gas stations in Haskovo Region and also in a cistern, transporting diesel to one of the gas stations. The places were inspected by the customs officials. 22 000 liters of illegal diesel fuel was  discovered on the territory of the above mentioned three gas stations - two of them were in Haskovo and the third was in Dimitrovgrad. 5000 liters of illegal diesel was found in the cistern. There were no documents proving and ensuring the quality of the discovered diesel fuel.

In one of the inspected gas stations in Haskovo, the level measuring system hadn`t been sealed, while the gas station in Dimitrovgrad hadn`t had a level measuring system at all.

The fuel was seized.

Administrative Offence Acts, stipulating fines which double the amount of the unpaid excise duty and require payment of the equivalency of the seized fuel, were initiated.