Customs Officers found heroin for 4,3 million BGN in a truck in Burgas



Bulgarian customs officers in Burgas seized 42,412 kilos of heroin.  

The drug haul was found during a customs check on a truck with German transit numbers. The truck with brand "Volvo" has arrived in Burgas without cargo by ferry from port of Batumi, Georgia. The vehicle has been selected for a detailed check by the customs officers from drug enforcement department in Customs Burgas. During the check, customs dog Chara has reacted to the presence of drugs. When scanning the truck with a specialized X-ray system, customs officers have found that ten tire rims are filled of powder substance. The drug test made on the field reacted to high-quality heroin. The total quantity of drug detained was 42,412 kg. a value 4,3 million BGN prices of the judiciary.

The vehicle and the driver- Turkish citizen were detained. A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case. The work on the case continues.