1400 liters off illegal spirit, available over the internet, was seized by customs officials in Provadia


Mobile customs teams and officials of Varna Customs House seized 1400 liters of illegal spirit during an inspection in Provadia after detecting an announcement for sale of plum brandy (rakia), posted on a website over the internet. During the phone call that the customs officials have made to the man who had offered the alcohol drink, it has turned out that except for the brandy (rakia), the same person could also deliver spirit. A meeting for buying of 1400 liters of spirit has been set after the customs officials have introduced themselves as "buyers". The spirit was demonstrated to the customs officials, but the seller hasn`t submitted documents that prove the excise duty was paid, whereat the spirit was seized. The owed excise duty for this amount of spirit is BGN 14 690. The alcohol was escorted to a warehouse in Varna where it will be stored until the investigation is finished.