A new attempt to smuggle gold and silver jewels was prevented by customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP



Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP found 105 gold jewels while searching a Romanian woman on a bus with Romanian License Plates, traveling from Turkey to Romania, through Bulgaria. The undeclared gold items were hidden in the lady`s underclothing. The 25-years-old woman from Bucharest had filled her bra with 45 earrings, 25 rings, 10 pendants, 18 bracelets and 7 chains. According to the expert report, the jewelry items were made of 14 karat gold. 365 grams was the total weight of all the jewels together. The price of such quantity of gold is estimated at BGN 19 710.

During the same action, the customs officers discovered more jewels that were undeclared. 142 silver jewelry items - 73 chains, 47 pendants, 19 bracelets and 3 rings, were found in the pocket of a young man from Moldova. The jewels, weighing 563 grams, were wrapped in packages.

All the gold and silver jewels were seized. The two offenders were drawn up Administrative Offence Acts, as the Currency Law stipulates. Fines in the amount of from BGN 1000 up to BGN 3000 will be also imposed.