Operative group of Customs Ruse arrested distributor of illegal cigarettes with 650 boxes in car



Employees of the sector "Operational Control" at Customs Ruse arrested distributor of cigarettes without excise labels. 28-year-old man was driving a car "Opel" loaded with illegal goods. The arrest happened at the area around Central Station in Rousse. In the car were found 650 boxes of cigarettes of the brand "MM -classic slims" and "MM-BT nano".

One of the brands "M -classic slims" is registered for sale in Bulgaria. The other "MM-BT nano" is unknown in the official Bulgarian tobacco market. The total value of the retained illegal goods is estimated at 3195 lev.

Inquest for holding and transfer of excisable goods without excise stamps is formed in Customs Ruse. The man will be brought to justice speedily.