Distributor transported illegal cigarettes under the bed coverings in car trunk



Inspectors from the sector "Operational Control" of Customs Ruse once held distributor of cigarettes without excise labels. 39-year-old man was arrested near the village Batishnitsa. Customs officers found 500 boxes of cigarettes of popular brand "Victory Exclusive" in the trunk of the car. Truck illegal merchandise was covered with a bed quilt. Investigating customs inspector is notified immediately about the case. Initiated inquest is conducted in the context of expedited procedure.

Only the day before this event, a Turkish citizen, driver of a Turkish lorry was accused of holding and transferring smuggled cigarettes. 210 boxes of cigarettes "LM" red, "PARLIAMENT" night blue and "CAMEL" were found under the bed in the driver's cabin of the vehicle. All boxes are labeled "For duty free sales only".

On paper the truck was loaded with food products from Turkey to Sweden. The driver has pleaded guilty and has agreed with the prosecution for a punishment of one year suspended sentence with three years probation. Furthermore, the driver is punished with a fine of 1500 Levs. The punitive measures were confirmed by a judge.