Customs officers found and seized smuggled tobacco for hookahs in Turkish truck


Customs officers prevented an attempt  to carrying  of  118 kg smuggled tobacco for hookahs. The truck with Turkish registration, traveling from Turkey through Bulgaria to Austria, arrives at the border crossing  minutes  after midnight.  Customs officers selected the truck for customs inspection. During inspection under the mattress of the bed, in the cupboard for instruments and personal luggage were found hidden a total of 115 packs of 1 kg and another 12 packages of  0.250 kg flavored hookah tobacco without excise labels with the inscription "Al Faker" (Al Fakher). Were seized a total of 118 kg  tobacco for hookahs with a market value 28 408 BGN and excise duty payable is 17 936 BGN.

The truck driver, a Turkish citizen, was arrested. A pre-trial  proceeding  was initiated on the case.