A liquefied gas tank, that was full of smuggled cigarettes, was detected by the customs officials at Zlatarevo BCP


Over 2 million pieces of smuggled cigarettes, concealed in a liquefied gas  tank, were detected by the customs officials at Zlatarevo BCP. The vehicle with Macedonian License Plates entered Bulgaria from Macedonia and was driven by a Macedonian citizen, companied by one other man - also a Macedonian citizen. Although it was clear that the tank was empty, the customs officials conducted an X-ray inspection. During the search of the vehicle it was ascertained that the cargo compartment of the tank was had been designed to carry and convey smuggled cigarettes and a portable tourist gas cylinder was installed in a way to simulate a pressure injection in the tank. All the cigarettes found (over 2 million pieces), were illicit and of different cigarette brands. The total cost of the discovered smuggled cigarettes amounted to BGN 710 000 and the unpaid excise duty - to BGN 365 000.

The cigarettes and the tank were seized. A Pre-trial procedure was initiated.
The two Macedonian citizens were detained.