Provider of marked fuel for heating schools diverted diesel by manipulating counter



Officers of Ruse Customs House revealed fraud with marked fuel for heating schools and kindergartens. The supplier of petroleum products diverted significant amounts using manipulated counter. Customs inspectors stopped the tank for inspection as soon as load primary school in the village Nikolovo. Apparent from documents the driver is loaded 4003 liters fuel for heating from a tax warehouse. The counter of cistern showed that the school tank is loaded with 4018 liters, but customs officers found that at the time of inspection in the tank of the vehicle there is still 750 liters of fuel. At the same time, however, the counter reporting that the contents of the tank is twice less fuel.

Fuel samples were sent for expertise in the Customs Laboratory in Russe. The owner of cistern could not provide documentation for detected amount of diesel.

Act of administrative violation shall be initiated against the offender.