Warehouse for contraband cigarettes was discovered during a raid in Ruse


Warehouse for distribution of contraband cigarettes was discovered in Rousse district "Selemetya" during a joint operation of Customs Ruse and Regional Directorate "Border Police". 3500 boxes (70 000 pieces) of cigarettes of the brand "Gold Mount" without Bulgarian excise labels were seized during the operation. A formed specifically for this operation Mobile group for control and surveillance of the border police and customs inspectors has carried out searches of all the rooms of the address. 1500 boxes of cigarettes were found in a room of the house and other 2000 boxes were hidden in a garage on the property. All boxes were extra packed in black plastic bags so as not to see their contents.

The operation was performed under the supervision of a prosecutor. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted on the case in Customs Ruse.