High quality silver jewelry, hidden in the seats of an car, revealed customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP


Customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo BCP discovered high quality silver jewelry in the car "Volkswagen" with Turkish registration. The car was driven by a Bulgarian citizen traveling alone from Turkey to Bulgaria. Inspectors found that in the backrests are concealed plastic packages with silver jewelry. 1144 medallions,  492 rings, 652 earrings, 280 necklaces, 182 bracelets, 460 fasteners, 11 brooches  and 7 reels with chains of meters are taken out of hiding. An expert report found that silver jewelry with a total weight of 9.439 kg are high jewelry sample. Their value is 37 756 BGN.

The silver jewelry and vehicle were confiscated. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in the inventory of Svilengrad Customs in connection with the case.

This is the second case of smuggled silver custody of Kapitan Andreevo BCP in the last two days. Customs officers discovered nearly 600 grams of silver jewelry in Romanian citizen traveling by bus from Turkey to Romania. Traditionally, interest in silver jewelry intensifies ahead of the leap-year.