Customs officers discovered a treasure of thousands objects of cultural and historical value in an attempt to be exported through Danube bridge BCP Ruse - Giurgiu



Rousse customs officials prevented a major attempt to export from the country  a treasure of thousands articles, antique coins and pieces of cultural and historical value. The shipment traveled from Bulgaria to the UK as unaccompanied luggage in the minibus with Bulgarian registration.

4 boxes were packed and labels for a recipient in London. Boxes contained hundreds of plastic bags with ancient coins, artifacts of metal and ceramic fragments of agricultural tools and more.  Inscriptions with declared value in British currency were placed in some of the packs. One of the highest rated values for example is for a silver head price of 1,750 pounds.

The intercepted consignment contains numerous artefacts, jewelry of unknown metal and clay figurines and vessels. Customs officers found among other things two boxes with preparations for making counterfeit coins.

By order of the Regional Prosecutor Ruse case was handed over to investigate the Regional Police Directorate in Rousse. Archaeologist from the Regional History Museum will conduct an expert assessment of the retained collection.