Over 80 000 textile products and 45 000 m2 fabric were seized by the customs officials of Plovdiv Customs House



The customs officials of Plovdiv Customs House seized over 80 000 textile products, bearing logos of different world famous brands. The counterfeit goods were found in a truck which was travelling From Turkey through Greece to Bulgaria. During the inspection it was ascertained that the truck contained nearly 48 000 different textile products - tops, sports kits and bags, bearing logos of the Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Chanel, FCB / Вarcelona FC/, Puma, Adidas and Nike brands. 2600 clasps with the Louis Vuitton sign for bags were also found in the vehicle. All products were seized on suspicion of violating Intellectual Property Rights.

While searching the truck, the customs officials discovered also 32 000 undeclared jeans, tops, T-shirts, socks, as well as 45 000 m2 undeclared fabric for curtains.

Over 80 000 products in total were seized. The rights owners of the relevant trademarks were informed about the seizures. An Administrative Offence Act was drawn up.