Over 5 million pieces of smuggled cigarettes were found in a tank trunk at Kapitan Petko Voivoda BCP



On 01/26/2016 at Kapitan Petko Voivoda BCP customs officials of a mobile customs team and of Plovdiv Customs House conducted an inspection of a tank truck which was entering the country from Greece. The vehicle was driven by a Bulgarian citizen.  During the X-ray inspection, it was ascertained that there was a discrepancy between the officially declared load - carbon dioxide, and what was actually carried by the tank truck, as well as packages resembled boxes of cigarettes. The detailed customs inspection proved that in the back of the tank truck, behind a box that carried the measuring instruments and the loading and unloading mouth of the vehicle, there was a secret door representing an entrance to the reservoir of the truck. After opening the door, the customs officials ascertained that there were tobacco products hidden inside the empty reservoir.

5 087 800 pieces (254 390 packs) of illegal cigarettes, of which 3 989 200 pieces (199 460 packs) - "COOPER" and 1 098 600 pieces (54 930 packs) - "R.G.D", were found in the tank truck. This quantity of illicit cigarettes was estimated at BGN 1 907 925.