Customs officers at the Kaptain Andreevo BCP found and seized gold jewelry for BGN 66 906



The valuables are carried by lady, Romanian citizen, entering the country from Turkey. The lady traveling in Romanian car, driven of the men, Romanian citizen. The customs officials selected the car for customs inspection. The driver and the lady did not declare any goods precious, metals or currency. In the course of a personal examination of the lady, customs officers were found hidden in the purse, in the pockets of jacket and her pants four plastic packages wrapped in brown tape, full of gold products. Moreover the customs officers were found of a neck of the lady two chains attached many other chains of yellow metal. The customs officer found a total of 578 gold jewelry among whom 117 medallions, 112 rings, 56 bracelets, 140 chains and 153 earrings. According to the expert estimation gold jewelry were with a total weight of  1.230 kg  gold jewelry worth  66 906  BGN .

The jewelries and the car were seized. The lady, Romanian citizen is detained.

A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case.

In recent days, this is the second case of a detained by customs officers in the smuggled jewelry. One day ago customs officers found 4.194 kg silver jewelry. Smuggled jewelry was found in the inner pocket of jacket and purse again on the woman, Romanian citizen, traveling in a car from Turkey through Bulgaria to Romania. Customs officers were found a total  2634 silver chains, bracelets, brooches, rings, pendants and earrings. The smuggled silver jewelry was seized in favor of country. The woman was issued citations for violation of the Foreign Exchange Act.