Bus from Turkey to Romania was detained at BCP Danube Bridge-Rousse with a large quantity of contraband cigarettes and clothes



11 bags filled with 700 smuggled clothes were discovered by customs inspectors and border police at the Danube Bridge - Rousse BCP during a joint inspection of a bus traveling from Turkey to Romania. The bags were crammed into the luggage compartment of the bus, behind other travel bags and suitcases. One of the the bus drivers admitted that he carries goods to a consignee in Romania. The large amount of clothes has been imported from Turkey in Bulgaria without being declared to the customs authorities. The items were confiscated. Act for establishment of administrative violation was drawn against assistant bus driver.

In the course of checking the bus customs officers found three plastic bags containing a total of 480 boxes of cigarettes "ASSOS" and "ASHIMA" without Bulgarian excise labels. Preliminary investigation was opened in connection with the case.