Customs officers from Customs house Lom seized 9 kilograms of heroin



In the early morning of 02.02.2016 in the region of Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat a mobile team of Lom Customs house stopped to check a car with two Bulgarian citizens.

Restless behavior of the driver prompted customs officials to examine the car. They found some new manipulations on the vehicle structure.

With the assistance of officers from Border Police vehicle was escorted to the customs terminal. While conducting thorough inspection customs officers found that packets of powder are concealed in two thresholds in the car.

Inspectors have made an immediate test and found that the substance gives a positive response for heroin. The total amount of the intercepted consignment is 9 kilograms.

The case is taken by the investigating police officer from District Police Department - Vidin. The investigation is carried out under the supervision of the District Prosecution Office - Vidin. The traffickers were arrested.