Ruse Customs House gathered some 60 000 BGN per month only by the agreements on acts



Half of the revenue came from seized 10 tons of petroleum products and 14 tons of beer without documents

Offenders have paid nearly 60,000 BGN under agreements in connection with the administrative and criminal proceedings of Ruse Customs Hose. The amount is a result of 14 cases ended with agreements only for January. The largest amounts were collected from fines for two violations - one applies to detained 10 tons diesel without documents, and the other - for 42 300 bottles of beer / 14,000 liters / "BECK'S". The two offenders in these cases have paid a total of 32 000 BGN.

The statistics show that in 2015 Ruse Customs House concluded 24 agreements, 10% of the total excise violations established for the year. Only in January 2016. they were already 14.

18 legal entities and 6 individuals have concluded agreements in 2015. They are not disputed violations committed by them and they have asked for more favorable arrangements for the completion of criminal proceedings.

As a result, only by those penalties Ruse Customs House has collected 38 272 BGN. Agreement aims to accelerate and facilitate the procedure for realization of administrative and criminal responsibility of the offender.

The agreement is usually signed not later than 30 days from the filing of the act to the offender.