International network of illegal production and distribution of tobacco for hookah was revealed by customs mobile group



Prevent damage to the budget amounted to over 605,000 BGN

Network of illegal production and distribution of tobacco mixtures for hookah was revealed in Sofia in a joint operation by customs mobile groups at the Central Office of the Agency "Customs" and police officers Directorate Combating Organized Crime. Department "Customs regime, monetary, tax and social security system" is also involved in the investigation.

The excise goods is distributed commercially and by shipments also. Some of the detainees quantities of tobacco for hookah were in the process of production, while others were already in consumer packaging, but not labeled with Bulgarian excise labels.

Line for drying tobacco, composing blends and packaging was discovered in a production facility located in the territory of Sofia. A total of 1790 kg of finished products are found in the depot. Other 1250 kg in sales packages were found and seized from commercially. 970 kg for recipients in the EU - Denmark, Germany and others have been detained by shipments of courier companies.

The total amount of retained tobacco blend is more than 4,000 kg. All consumer packages are without Bulgarian excise labels and without documents. Prevent damage for Republican budget is over 605 000 Levs.

Assembly line, quantity of finished products and packaging are detained. Five pre trial proceedings were instituted in connection with the case. The investigation continues.