Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo seized undeclared perfumes and cosmetics


Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo seized undeclared 197 bottles of perfumes and 60 sets cosmetics with falsified logos of world brands. The undeclared perfumes and cosmetics were found during customs inspection of a car with

Romanian registration and a bus with passengers, traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria. Passengers and drivers of both vehicles have announced that they have nothing to declare. During customs check in the luggage of one of the passengers in the car were found undeclared 145 perfumes and 60 sets of makeup and lipsticks with logos of world brands, among whom "CHANEL", "PACO RABANNE", "NINA RICCI", "LANCOME", "KENZO", etc.

Others 52 smuggled perfumes were found and seized from a suitcase of a passenger in the bus during a customs inspection with X-ray machine.

 The violators are Romanian citizen with initials M.P. and Bulgarian citizen with initials E.E. They are sanctioned according to the law on Customs. In compliance with EU Regulation №608/2013 and the Law on Brands and Geographic indications the cases will be assigned to right owners of the relevant trademarks.