Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP found large quantity silver jewelry hidden in the air conditioner of Serbian bus



Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo seized large quantity smuggled silver jewelry. The jewelry was found in an entering the country from Turkey bus with Serbian registration. The driver of the bus and passengers did not declare any goods precious metals and currency. Customs officers selected the bus for a detailed check. Upon the X-ray and physical examination customs officers found 10 packages full of silver jewelry hidden in the air conditioner, located on the roof of the bus. 232 earrings, 241 chains, 269 rings, 88 bracelets, 303 medallions, 4 watches as well as 8 chains of silver ends and 7 bracelets of silver ends are taken out of hiding. An expert report found the silver jewelry with a total weight of 7.701 kg worth 29 807 BGN.

The smuggled silver jewelry were confiscated. The driver, Serbian citizen, was detained. A pre-court proceeding has been initiated in the case.

Since the beginning of the year customs officers seized and found gold and silver jewelry totaling over quarter million BGN.