Customs and police officers discovered 1500 liters of gas oil and 251 liters of alcohol in the town of Koynare



1500 liters of gas oil were discovered during an inspection of a garage located in an industrial unit in the town of Koynare, Cherven Bryag Municipality, Pleven Province. In the workshop the officials of Customs office - Pleven and the officers of Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - Pleven found two 1-ton containers full of 1500 liters of gas oil in total. The two containers were connected together by two tubes and a fuel gun installed to them, equipped with a pump and a fuel flow counter. There were no documents that could prove the ownership and possession of the fuel to be presented to the authorities so it was seized and samples of it were taken for the needs of the Administrative proceeding. In the next workshop the customs and police officers found 274 bottles full of 251 liters of ethyl alcohol.

A Pre-trial procedure was initiated.