Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP found smuggled cigarettes in the filter at truck carrying cement



Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo prevented two attempts for illegal imports of contraband cigarettes and smoking tobacco. In the first case customs officers found 13 200 pieces smuggled cigarettes in Bulgarian truck, traveled from Turkey to Bulgaria. The driver has submitted documents for provided the transport of cement but the truck is directed to X-ray check and then was made a physical check of the load compartment. During inspection customs officers found 600 boxes cigarettes of different brands without excise labels. The cigarettes were hidden in the filter of the truck.

In the second case customs officers selected for inspection Bulgarian car. During inspection the customs officers found 7 kg smoking tobacco, hidden in natural cavities in the vehicle floor.

The cigarettes and smoking tobacco were seized. The drivers were sanctioned to the Law on Customs.

Since the beginning of the month customs officers have found and seized 282 640 pieces (14 132 boxes) smuggled cigarettes and 218 kg tobacco for hookahs.