Customs officers at Malko Tyrnovo BCP found anabolic steroids in secret compartment of luxury cars



Two attempts for smuggling of large amounts of anabolic steroids were revealed by Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP. 3600 tablets and 1370 ampoules with injectable solution of anabolic steroids were found in secret compartments of two cars with Bulgarian registration, traveling from Bulgaria to Turkey. In "Audi A6" driven by Bulgarian citizen, customs officers found secret compartment in factory cavities between the spare tire and rear fenders on the car, complete with 3600 tablets of medicinal preparations "Clenbuterol", "Strombafort", "Danabol" and 110 ampoules "Testosterona" and "Parabolan". Later they found and seized other 1260 ampoules of injectable solution "Winstrol Derot" of another secret compartment between the back seat and trunk of "Audi A8". The car with Bulgarian registration was driven by Moldovan citizen, with authorization by Bulgarian citizen. The anabolic steroids were seized. Both violators - Bulgarian citizen with initials C.D. and Moldovan citizen with initials I.V. - were sanctioned.

In recent days, others 1280 ampoules and vials of smuggled anabolic steroids were found by Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo in bus with passengers.