Mobile customs teams revealed the network for illegal distribution of tobacco for hookah in Plovdiv and Sofia



Joint action of mobile customs teams from Central Customs Directorate and officers from "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" Department in Plovdiv Customs House revealed a distribution network for illegally selling of tobacco for hookah. Stock wholesale of tobacco products has been checked in Plovdiv during the special operation. Customs officers found 745 boxes of various tobaccos for hookah without documentation for paid excise. Mobile customs group discovered evidence of address in Plovdiv, which was immediately visited together with officials from Plovdiv Customs House.  In the space under residential building, customs officers found 640 kilograms of tobacco for hookah without excise label, as well as 26 kg of tobacco for smoking and 5600 cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, marketed without permission.

At the same time mobile customs group checked the warehouse of the same company located in Sofia. Other 240 kg. tobacco for hookah without documents were found there. Illegal goods is on hold. Samples have been sent for laboratory analysis.
Two legal proceedings were initiated in connection with the cases in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Two months ago, mobile customs groups wrecked network of illegal production and distribution of tobacco for hookah, by marketed and postal shipments. Over 4000 kg tobacco mixtures were detained.