Improvised petrol station was detected by customs and police officers in the village Obnova



Outbuilding in a private house in the village of Obnova, Pleven region, has been turned into an illegal petrol station. Officers from "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" Department of Svishtov Customs House and police officers from the town Levski uncovered it. The improvised petrol station consists of one-tonne tank connected to two electric motors, two pumps and three hose closed with a faucet for filling and draining of fuel from one vessel to the other. At the time of the inspection the tank was filled with diesel fuel without documents for paid excise. Fuel is also found in several tubes of 10 liters each. The find fuel is 750 liters.

The petroleum product and equipment were seized in Svishtov Customs House. Samples were taken for analysis. Administrative criminal proceedings have been instituted on the case.