Scheme for illegal deliveries of fuel was discovered by officers of Rousse Customs House



Officers of Rousse Customs House revealed the scheme of illegal deliveries of fuel. The attempted of fraud was detected during inspection of entering the country Polish road tanker. The vehicle was traveling from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria with documents to transport of lubricants. According to the documents dispatch of commodity is company in the Czech Republic and the recipient is a company from Lithuania. Petroleum products for the Lithuanian company should be unloaded in a warehouse in Southern Bulgaria.

Customs officers at Danube Bridge BCP found that petroleum products travel without the necessary documents to guarantee of excise duty. The tank and goods are detained in Rousse Customs House. Laboratory examination has shown that the tank is filled with diesel fuel instead of lubricants.

Act of establishment of administrative violation was drawn against the truck driver, a Polish citizen. The total amount retained fuel is 30,000 liters. Prevent damage to the national budget amounted to 20 000 BGN.