Customs officers at Lesovo BCP seized smuggled currency from 23- year- old driver of a car "Mercedes"



Customs officers at Lesovo BCP seized 20 000 undeclared euros during a detailed customs check of a car "Mercedes" with Bulgarian registration. The car was traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria, driven by 23-year-old Bulgarian citizen. He declared before the Bulgarian Customs Officers that he has no currency or commercial goods to declare. The Customs Officers found two packages of € 10 000 in pockets in clothing of the driver during the check. The smuggling currency of a total € 20 000 was seized. The violator with initials Ф.Х. was sanctioned according to the Law on Customs and Monetary Law. 

The Burgas Customs officers remind all the passengers that a person entering or leaving the EU territory can carry in cash non-declarable amount of maximum € 10 000 (or equivalent). The exceeding amount of cash has to be declared at the Customs authorities, regarding the Currency Act and the existing Regulation 1889/2005 of the EU.