Customs Officers at Lesovo BCP found smuggled cigarettes in a mattress



Customs Officers at Lesovo BCP found and seized  34 000 pieces / 1700 boxes / of  cigarettes without excise stamps during customs check with specialized X-ray machine of a truck with Iranian registration traveling  from Turkey to Bulgaria. The driver declared that he does not carry goods to declare. The truck was selected for a detailed customs check. The Customs Officers found in the truck two adapted hiding place full of cigarettes. The mattress of the bed in the driver's cabin was filled with 1300 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps brand "Victory slims deluxe". Others 400 boxes of cigarettes of the same brand and also without excise stamps were found in a wooden box in the truck. From the truck were seized a total of 1700 boxes of cigarettes "Victory slims deluxe" without excise stamps. A statement for violation of the Law on Customs was issued against the driver of the truck-  Iranian citizen with initials А.J.