Officers of Varna Customs House seized fake goods for children, enough to fill an entire shop



Customs officers from Varna Customs House seized 23,326 products - toys and accessories. There is suspicion that the goods infringe rights owned by brands. Among the items the customs officers found balls, plush toys, dolls, constructors,  quadricycles, skateboards, umbrellas, children's shoes, flip flops and more. The toys have names and figurative images of Chelsea, Bayern München, Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester United. Children's sports shoes have misleading labels Abibas and logo resembling famous brand Adidas. Plush toys represent Mickey Mouse, the dolls bear names Frozen. Umbrellas and flip-flops for example are the names of Barbie, Spider Man, Frozen, and other world famous heroes and brands.

The product variety of children's products complies with the upcoming summer season and European Football Championships. Among those detained items there are different models of batteries which are often used to power the toys. They carry inscriptions of manufacturers Sony and Maxell, but it is suspected that they are also false.

The goods were found in three containers during a routine check of Port Varna. The cargo arrived from China. Recipients are several Bulgarian companies.
The goods are detained because suspicion that infringe rights on trademarks under the provisions of Regulation (EU) № 608/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council. Holders of trade marks concerned are informed of the detained goods, to take the appropriate legal action.