Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo seized thousands of fake textile products and perfumes



Customs officers from mobile team to the Central Customs Directorate and Burgas Customs House seized 3000 of textile products and 1716 perfumes imitating the word famous brands at two cases.

In the first case imitations were transported by Bulgarian truck traveling from Istanbul to Sofia. The truck was selected for detailed check. During examinations among the declared goods at 444 parcels with different goods were found 1607 children`s t-shirts and tunics, printed with Disney`s logo and image of their popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Customs officers found also 663 sports kits and shorts with the logo of Adidas and 105 sports kits with the logo of Nike.

In the second case is checked Turkish bus traveling from Istanbul to Bucharest. The bus was selected for detailed check. During examinations in the personal luggage of three passengers, Romanian citizens, were found 1716 perfumes and toilet waters from world famous brands Givenchi, Pako Rabanne, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Versace and Hugo Boss. In the luggage of one of the three offenders were found more and 590 T-shirts, sports kits and shirts branded with logos and names of "Armani", "Tommy Hifiger", "Calvin Klein", aa well as 167 athletic shoes with the logo of "Adidas ".

In compliance with EU Regulation 6082012 and the Law on Brands and Geographic Indications the case will be assigned to right owners of the relevant trademarks.