Inspectors from Rousse Customs House discovered illegal cigarettes in the mattress, pillows and cavities near the engine of truck


Inspectors from Rousse Customs House revealed two cases of illegal cigarettes transported by truck drivers. A total of 3240 pieces / 162 cans / cigarettes without Bulgarian excise labels were seized during two checks. The transporters have shown impressive ingenuity in hiding smuggled goods. In one case, the driver has stuffed cigarettes in the mattress of the bed and into pillows. Customs officers pulled out from these hideouts 90 boxes of cigarettes "Pall Mall" labeled DUTY FREE.
The driver of the other truck used as a hideout cavity in the engine compartment of the truck. From there, the customs officers took out 1440 pieces / 72 boxes / cigarette brand "LM" red label - 100 mm.
The two trucks have Turkish license plates traveling from Turkey to EU countries. They were stopped for inspection at the Danube Bridge BCP near Rousse. Both drivers are punished by acts for administrative violation.