Mobile customs group revealed 1156 liters of illegal alcohol in Karnobat


1156 liters of illegal alcohol was found by a mobile customs group during a customs check in Karnobat. They were checked one permanent and one temporary building and one parked van with brand Mercedes Vito- all owned by a physical person. In the buildings and the van were found PVC - cans filled with a total of 1156 liters liquid smelling of alcohol. Were found 195 liters of alcohol with 96 degrees alcoholic, and the remaining amounts of liquid have smell of mint, mastic brandy and measured alcohol content between 37 vol. % and 46% vol. For the alcohol were not presented any documents. The illegal alcohol was seized. Samples were taken for laboratory analysis. On the owner will be drawn up act. The work on the case continues. Work on the case will determine whether the alcohol was destined for restaurants in the area on the Southern Black Sea.