Mobile customs group revealed Illegal distillery and illegal alcohol in monastery "St. George " Pomorie


 An illegal distillery and nearly three tons of illegal alcohol was found by a mobile customs group and customs inspectors of Customs Sofia in monastery "St. George" Pomorie yesterday. The inspection team did a control purchase and a bottle of 0,700 ml alcohol without Bulgarian excise labels was sold to the customs officer. During the subsequent customs inspection, customs officers found in the room of the monastery, adapted for trade with alcoholic beverages, 281 bottles of Pomorie aged grappa and 2450 liters dispensing alcohol. They found two non-registered grappa cauldrons. The investigating customs inspector from Customs of Burgas was notified for the case for pre-trial procedure and referral for the prosecution. Future work on the case will establish whether the grappa was illegally produced and sold to pilgrims at the monastery only or for restaurants in the Southern Black Sea area.
Customs Sofia supported the action of the customs mobile group.