Inspectors from Rousse Customs House revealed illegal cigarettes in containers of motor oil in Romanian truck



Driver of truck "Volvo" with Romanian registration transported illegal cigarettes hidden in metal cans of motor oil. Inspectors from Rousse Customs House revealed this during an inspection yesterday evening. The truck was stopped before leaving the country through the Danube Bridge Ruse - Giurgiu BCP .

The vehicle was first scanned with X-ray system. Then the customs officers carried out a detailed check and found two tubes filled with smuggled cigarettes. A total of 200 boxes of cigarettes of the brands "Pall mall", "Assos slims", "Karelia ome" and "L & M" were taken out of shelters. All boxes are without Bulgarian excise labels with the inscription "DUTY FREE".

Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted against the driver of a Romanian truck. He was remanded in custody and will be brought to justice speedily.