Mobile customs group revealed warehouse for illegal alcohol



Mobile customs group revealed 2018 bottles of illegal alcohol In residential building in Aheloy tonight. The illegal alcohol was found in the attic of a private home transformed into a warehouse for alcoholic beverages without excise stamps. Customs officers found 1740 bottles of 0.7 liters containing liquid smelling of alcohol, 245 bottles of 1 liter containing liquid smelling of alcohol without excise labels and 33 bottles of 0.5 liters containing liquid smelling of alcohol. Alcohol was found during customs inspection by the customs mobile groups from the Central Customs Department after operational information for illegal production of alcoholic beverages. They were found a total of 1480 liters drinks smelling of alcohol in glass bottles without a valid Bulgarian excise stamps. In the ground floor of another building in Aheloy, mobile customs group found 400 liters rakiya, vodka and liquors with different types of alcoholic content in containers with different capacity- wooden casks, plastic containers.In that compartment were mixed ethyl alcohol with various aromatic extract to produce found alcoholic beverages. Both premises are owned by related partners. For the case was initiated pre-trial procedure the inventory of Customs of Burgas under the supervision of the District Prosecution Office - Pomorie.  The work on the case will establish whether the alcohol is sold in bars or restaurants in the Southern Black Sea area.