Customs officials seized more than half a ton of vodka and narcotic drugs in Russian bus at the Danube Bridge BCP Ruse – Giurgiu



Officers of Rousse Customs House prevented an attempt to illegally importing more than half a ton of Russian vodka and medications containing narcotic. The shipment is detected by inspectors from the "Fight against drug trafficking" during inspection of a bus with Russian registration, traveling from Russia to Greece. The bus was selected for inspection upon entry into Bulgaria through the Danube Bridge BCP Giurgiu - Ruse.
During the checking inspectors found that in the back of the bus seats were dismantled. Designated space was filled with bottles of vodka. A total of 727 bottles of alcohol without Bulgarian excise labels were found on the bus. 120 bottles of alcohol in half a liter each are affixed with labels of expensive Russian vodka "Zolotaya Tsarskaya." Other 607 bottles, each 0.7 liters, are labeled as vodka brand "Khortitsa Platinum". Besides these customs officers found the bus 10 boxes with 10 liters of vodka tubes of aluminum foil. The total amount of illegal alcoholic drinks is 585 liters.
Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted on the case against one of the bus drivers who admitted that vodka was his.

Besides alcohol in unaccompanied luggage shaped as a parcel in a box, customs officers found 132 packages of drugs "Korvalol" and "Valokordin." They contain a different concentration of narcotic substance  phenobarbital. Both drivers say they do not know what is the contents of the box with medication. It was given to them as a a parcel to a recipient in Greece.
Pre-trial proceedings in the case was initially instituted against an unknown perpetrator.