Rousse customs officers found contraband cigarettes in the battery compartment of Iranian truck



Inspectors from Rousse Customs House revealed another case of a driver's resourcefulness in concealing contraband cigarettes. Driver of Iranian truck filled with contraband cigarettes cavities around the battery compartment of the vehicle. The truck was stopped for inspection at the exit from the country through the Danube Bridge BCP Ruse-Giurgiu on Thursday afternoon. Customs officers found 294 boxes of cigarettes of different brands without Bulgarian excise labels. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted against the driver of the Iranian truck. He was detained in Ruse investigation cell.

On the same day when checking the truck again with Iran registration officers of Rousse Customs House discovered that the driver is stuffed with boxes of smuggled cigarettes under the bed and under the seat of the driver's cabin. Act of establishment of administrative violation was drawn against the truck driver.