Customs officers from Customs of Burgas seized ethyl alcohol and fuel


Customs officers from specialist departments "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" and "Еxcise" to Customs of Burgas seized 1 072 liters fuel and 53,5 liters of ethyl alcohol without documents for paid excise duties and origin . The Illegal fuel and ethyl alcohol were found by customs officials in "frozen" construction of a residential building near the road between Kableshkovo and Aheloy. The place was transformed into store for fruits and vegetables. Customs officers visited the place as customers and found sell "under the counter" of bottles of alcohol and suspicious liquids. During customs inspection, Customs officers found under the stairs and at the premises of the unfinished building 19 plastic bottles of 10, 1,5 and 0,5 liters, filled with ethyl alcohol with color and smell of brandy, a total 53,5 liters. Also in plastic bottles of 10 liters and in tubes of 20 and 30 liters, customs officers found among construction materials inside the building a total of 1072 liters light and dark brown in color fuel of which 1062 liters with the characteristics of diesel and 10 liters of gasoline. The building is owned by a company with a registered address in Ravda. The work on the case continues. Samples of the alcohol and fuels were submitted for laboratory analysis.