Inspectors from Ruse Customs House seized 2 million pieces of smuggled cigarettes in a truck with double wall



Attempt to smuggle 200 master boxes / 2 million  pieces/ cigarettes without Bulgarian excise stamp was stopped that night at the Danube Bridge BCP Ruse-Giurgiu by the inspectors at Ruse Customs House.  Cigarettes are transported in a truck with specially built secret compartment - Double wall in front of the trailer. According to official documents empty truck was traveling from Bulgaria to Romania. Watchful customs officer pointed the vehicle for the scanning at X-ray. The results of X-ray scanning prompted customs inspectors to conduct a thorough check of the truck.

Seen from inside the trailer seemed empty. After removal of the double wall storage there customs officers found 200 master boxes of cigarettes.

All tobacco products were from one brand and with an inscription "DUTY FREE" on each of the packages. Their total value is estimated at 750 000 BGN prices of Judicial Procedure. This was announced at a joint press conference with the participation of Ventsislav Haladzhov- chief of Rousse Customs House, Yana Ilieva - District prosecutor at the Regional prosecutor Ruse, representatives of the police and the Department for Combating Organized Crime.

Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in Rousse Customs House in connection with the case. The driver of the vehicle, a Romanian citizen, has been detained in custody by a prosecutor's order for 72 hours. Work on the case continues with the police and the Department for Combating Organized Crime.

"The measures undertaken by the Government for technical support of border crossings and the continuing staff training are already paying off," said Ventsislav Haladzov.

 This is the largest amount seized cigarettes in Ruse the last ten years, said prosecutor Ilieva. A total of about 4.5 million cigarettes were seized by Ruse Customs House from January 2016 until now.