Customs officers seized in Burgas counterfeited goods and certificates for luxury watches


A large shipment of nearly 8 500 commercial items, including packages and certificates for world famous brands watches was seized by Customs officers from the department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" in Customs of Burgas. Were detained audio and video equipment with falsified brand "Bose", false guarantee documents for watches under the brand "Rolex", luxury boxes and packaging for watches brands "Rolex" and "Armani", running shoes with logos "Nike" and "Adidas". The goods were found in a container from China, arrived at the customs checkpoint "Port Burgas Center." The container was selected for detailed customs check by the "risk analysis". The recipient is a Bulgarian company, which instructed to be transported by truck to Turkey the container. During the customs check, Customs officers found that the consignment contains 1260 false warranty cards for watches under the brand "Rolex", 1 250 luxury boxes and 1 200 gift bags with the logo "Rolex". With brand "Armani" were found 1 250 luxury boxes and 1 200 gift bags. Were detained were also 1287 pairs of sneakers brands "Nike" and "Adidas", 400 joysticks brands "Sony" and "Xbox" 500 headphone brand "BOSE" and 150 speakers "BOSE". In implementation of European Regulation № 608/2013 and Law on Brands and Geographical Indications for the case will be notified the owners of the relevant trademarks.