Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized record amount gold jewelry



Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized nearly 12 kg smuggled gold jewelry. The jewelry was found in Ukrainian minibus entering the country from Turkey. The driver of the minibus and three passengers have submitted proper documents on the goods, auto parts. Customs officers selected the minibus for detailed check. In the course of a personal examination of the  four  men customs officers found packages wrapped with brown transparent tape with the products yellow metal. In the  golden belts of the men the customs officers found  1477 chains, 1246 pairs of earrings, 980 medallions, 657 rings, 381 bracelets and hundreds silicone cables and bracelets with gold ornaments, gold pearl chains, ropes and leather bracelets with red thread with golden tips. According to available expertise the gold with a total weight of the 11.904 kg of 14 carats gold worth nearly BGN 715 000.

The jewelry and the minibus were seized. The four men, Ukrainian citizens, were arrested. A pre-court proceeding has been initiated in the case.

On the same day, in another case during the inspection in Turkish bus customs officers found 512 g gold и 3.137 kg  silver  jewelry hidden in  luggage on the body and clothes of   three women and two men Romanian citizens.