418 000 counterfeit cigarette pack printings were seized in the area of Danube Bridge 2



Customs officers of Lom Customs House seized 418 000 counterfeit cigarette pack printings in the area of Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat BCP. The packages were discovered during a customs inspection of a truck conveying pallets of cardboard and packing materials, which was travelling to an EU member state. While inspecting the shipment, the mobile customs team ascertained that "the cardboard" was actually cigarette packaging, imitating the graphic design and logo of the worldwide cigarette brand. The rights owner of the brand was notified about the seizure and therefore the illicit products - 8 pallets of cigarette packaging (418 000 cigarette pack printings) weight 3800 kg in total, were seized and put for storage in the Lom Customs House`s warehouse.