Customs mobile group revealed more than 400 pots with cannabis



More than 400 pots with cannabis were found in the village of Lozen during in check by customs mobile group.  Customs officers have visited the farmyard in the village to check for illegal excise goods. At the site there was a wooden building, wagon and refrigerated semitrailer. Customs officers found that in the semitrailer were grown over 400 pots of cannabis and they informed the police for continuing operational actions on the ground. It has been found that the drug plants were at different stages of growth - from 50 to 180 cm. The plantation was equipped with irrigation and air conditioning systems, heating lamps, temperature regulators, ducts, ventilators, substances for stimulating the growth of plants.  On site were detained Г.С. (32) and M.Л. (27 years), both of Lozen. Were appointed expertise of the seized about 450 plants. A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case.