Customs officers seized 30 kg contraband substance for sexual stimulants


Customs Officers from department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" in Customs of Burgas seized 30 kg contraband substance for the manufacture of medicines sexual stimulants. The medical substance was found in a luxury suitcase in a shipping container with commercial goods from China. The container was arrived by ship at Customs checkpoint "Port Burgas Center". Upon arrival of the ship, the container was selected for detailed customs check. The suitcase was filled with 30 plastic bags, each of which contains one kilogram white colored powder. Laboratory examination has been carried out on the substance. The results indicate that the substance is sildenafil citrate monohydrate - strong sexual stimulant for male potency. The contraband substance was seized. The customs value of the retained contraband shipment is around 30 000 BGN. From this quantity of substance can be produced hundreds of thousands of pills sexual stimulant with a price on the black market over 2 million BGN. A statement for violation of the Law on Customs was issued, the work on the case continues.