Customs officers at Kapitan Anderrvo BCP found nearly 3 kg of marijuana and 31 kg of smoking tobacco in car


Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP found nearly 3 kg of marijuana , 31 kg tobacco and over 4 kg tobacco for hookahs in a French car, entering the country from Turkey. In the car traveled a family with two children, French citizens of Turkish origin. Customs officers selected the car for customs inspection. During the inspections in the factory cavities in the rear seats customs inspectors found 15 packages contained dry grassy substance which was proved to be marijuana. The total amount of the drug was 2.776 kg. The total cost of the drug is BGN 11 104. During inspections customs officers found 31 kg tobacco and 4.350 kg tobacco for hookahs in the outer trunk.
The driver, man of 35 years old, French citizen was arrested.
A pre-trial proceeding was initiated on the case.