Inspectors from Rousse Customs House seized driver hiding cigarettes in commercial quantities behind the truck Tachometer


Officers of Rousse Customs House seized a truck driver with Turkish registration, who filled cavities behind Tachometer with a large amount of illegal cigarettes. A total of 208 boxes of brands "LM" and "Winston" were found in the truck. The vehicle was stopped for a check while trying to leave the country through the Danube Bridge BCP Ruse-Giurgiu. The driver, 33-year-old Turkish citizen, admitted that he bought the cigarettes from the duty free shop in Turkey to sell them in Western Europe.
Initiated pre-trial proceedings in the case ended with an agreement within two days. The driver was penalized 8 months imprisonment with three years probation. He will have to pay a fine of BGN 1600. This is amounting to the value of cigarettes at prices of Judicial Procedure