Inspectors from Rousse Customs House revealed contraband cigarettes plastered around the engine of truck


Driver of Turkish truck has upholstered motor vehicle with stacks of cigarettes brand "LM". It was found by inspectors of Rousse Customs House. The truck was stopped for inspection at the time of leaving the country through the Danube Bridge BCP. Under the hood of the engine compartment customs officers found 150 boxes of cigarettes attached with adhesive tape to the structure of the engine. All cigarettes were without Bulgarian excise labels. The driver was arrested. Pre-trial proceedings were instituted against him on the docket of Rousse Customs House.
Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted also against the driver of the other truck with a Turkish registration. He was indicted for holding and carrying 260 boxes of cigarettes of the same brand "LM".
Both drivers were convicted speedily for 6 months imprisonment each with three years probation. They will have to pay fines to the value of cigarettes at the prices of litigation.