Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo seized contraband jewelry and accessories


Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP seized over 10 kg of contraband jewelry for mass use, accessories and haberdashery. The undeclared commercial goods were found during a customs inspection of a car, traveling from Turkey through Bulgaria to Romania. The driver of the car was an Iranian citizen with residence in Romania. He said that does not bring anything to declare. In making a check of the car, the Customs Officers found in the luggage of the driver 10 plastic bags filled with a total of 6500 women's brooches and jewelry for mass use, accessories and belt buckles.  A stratement for violation of the Law on Customs was issued against the driver of the car- an Iranian citizen with initials B. A. The violator said that he bought the goods from Istanbul for sale. 


Others eight attempts for smuggling of commercial quantities of clothes, hidden in cars and buses, were revealed by Customs Officers of Malko Tarnovo BCP in recent days. Were seized undeclared total of 1694 men's and ladies' blouses, shirts, underwear, sweaters, pants, scarves and other seasonal clothes.