Customs officers of Sofia Airport Customs House seized 4,3 kg of cocaine found in double walled speakers



Customs officers of "Combating Drug Trafficking" department to Sofia Airport Customs House seized 4,3 kg of cocaine worth BGN 2,5 million. The drug substance was found in the Poland citizen`s luggage. The man had had arrived from Santiago, Chille. While inspecting the man`s luggage, the customs officers ascertained that except for his personal baggage the Poland citizen was also conveying one speaker. During the inspection it was ascertained also that the speaker had been manipulated - double walled with stuffed inside rectangular packages, wrapped in foil. It was later proven that the content inside the packages was actually cocaine.

During investigative actions, cooperated by officers of Chief Directorate "Combating Organized Crime" and conducted on the territory of Sofia, the receivers of the package were arrested - a Nigerian and a Bulgarian citizens.